Brand rituals

Brands are often an important part of our daily routines. Sharing such routines on social media is becoming increasingly popular - both among consumers and influencers. Even brands are recognizing new opportunities to reach customers. Numerous videos can be found across platforms under keywords such as "morning routine", "night time routine" or "skin-care routine". These videos often integrate brand products and present them as indispensable elements of everyday life.

Brand routine videos offer an innovative advertising format in which brands are shown in established patterns of action (routines). Advertisers aim to persuade viewers to adopt these routines, including the brands used. This allows brands to become deeply anchored in consumers' everyday lives.

Despite the increasing prevalence of brand routine videos in social media, there has been little research done on them. This opens up exciting and relevant research questions:

  • What is the difference between the design of successful brand routine videos and non-successful brand routine videos?
  • How do brand routine videos affect brand loyalty and attitudes towards a brand?

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