Prosocial Marketing

Donations or voluntary work for non-profit brands such as Unicef, Greenpeace or the Red Cross - these are significant consumer decisions with a pro-social focus. In addition, many brands in the commercial sector are increasingly linking their offers with a social contribution - e.g. good working conditions, fair wages, projects for an environment worth living in or aid for the needy in areas such as nutrition, hygiene or education.

Against the backdrop of such challenges and emerging crises, large sections of society are rethinking and reorienting themselves towards social issues. These play an increasingly important role in the decisions of many consumers. With their scarce time and financial resources, they increase the well-being of other people through their support.

The central question here is which factors lead to pro-social consumer behaviour. With a special focus on the underlying psychological processes, the research project aims to contribute fundamental insights to this current and socially relevant area of marketing research.

Recommended starting literature:

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